Old and Faithful

Old Faithful is a geyser. It shoots up steam and hot boiling water every 90 minutes. I only got to watch it shoot up once because we were hungry.


.  .  .

Old Faithful can shoot up to 100ft tall. That’s high! There were tons of people just crowded behind others. It was crazy. I mean everyone who goes to Yellowstone usually comes to watch Old Faithful shoot up. Old Faithful was a fun experience!


Hay, I’m Lily. And yesterday we went to Old Faithful. It was awesome. So at first we waited there for 15-20 minutes for it to shoot up gas and boiling hot water 100 feet tall.  Then we went into Old Faithful lodge and did a couple of things. And at 12:30 we went back out and it was crowded. People from all over the world come to see this. So we had to sit on the ground. And about 5-10 minutes later hot water and gas came out 100 feet tall for bout 2-3 minutes.


And Old Faithful was a outstanding experience. Bye, have a nice day. 😀.


Old Faithful was cool  it was like a water valcano  Going off every 90 minutes. So we had to wait a long Time. The cool thing about it is the fact that the presure shoots the water at at high 100 feet for about 5 minutes. At first a little water comes out. Then more. Afterward a bunch of water comes out. To a height  of a 100 feet . I was just glad I can tell people that I have been there.



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