Cowboy or Cowgirl Up!


My family and I went to a Rodeo. It was awesome! My favorite part was “bull riding”. Only two people rode the bull because the other man wasnt there. Anyway I enjoyed it all. The cowboys were brave!

                                    .   .   .

My second favorite part was barrel racing. Just watching all those cowgirls speed around the three barrels. Even a young girl at the age of seven or eight went last, she was great. I really enjoyed all of it including team roping and bear back and anything else I did. 


Hay, I’m Lily and a few days ago we went to a rodeo. And at first they did bare back riding. A few cowgirls did it too. 

Us with the best bull rider

After that they called up 8 and under. So I went on the feild and we did stretches, the last stretch the steer came out and we had to run and take the ribbon off the steers tail. I passed about a three year old. And pulled the ribbon, and won. 

 (Lily is in the bright pink sweatshirt and purple pants)


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