Boiling River

Picnic before the hike to the Boiling River

Hay, it’s Lily and today on July second, we took a little hike to Boiling River. Boiling River is a river with warm water, and cold water mixed together. 

We first went to the hot water section and slowly moved to the cold. And then we went back to the hot water section. And then the cold water while my mom took a video of my Dad, sister, and I lay in the cold water. 

Then we went back to the hot water.Then we had to leave. 

When I was cleaning out my shoes I let go of one and let it flow into a rock. For a little while we were looking for it, and then in five minutes or so I found it. Then on the way to our car I dropped my shorts, another thing was that we saw a bull snake. Then we went to our next hike. 

Shane here: Swimming at the boiling river was something thar I had come across while doing some pre-trip research that I could not wait to experience. There is a spot on the freezing cold — River where boiling hot water from the volcanic springs flows down to meet it creating a series of small natural “warm tubs” perfect for relaxing in.

 It’s a short and beautiful hike along the river to where you can swim and made for a great start to a day exploring Mammoth Hot Springs and searching for wildlife. 


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