Recharging in Livingston, Montana


Livingston, Montana is about 20-30 minutes south of Bozeman – nestled between some mountain ranges on 89, which leads to the north entrance of Yellowstone.  

The front of our cabin in Livingston

The owner of the property was super kind. She gave us a book on trails we could hike in Livingston and Bozeman. She gave us some suggestions on a park for the kids to run around and a rodeo.

We went into Bozeman one evening and had dinner at the Montana Ale Works. The building used to be a train station. Now it’s a huge restaurant with all sorts of local brews on tap, including brewed root beer that the kids enjoyed, and pretty incredible food. I had my first bison steak. Yum! Afterwards, we walked Main St for Bozeman’s Music on Main. The street was packed – mainly with college students getting their Thursday night party on, but we enjoyed the music. We ducked into a record store and found an old arcade machine where we battled each other in Galactica. 

Shane and Lily playing old school video games

It became obvious how Shane spent some of his younger years! 😳


A cowboy at the Livingston Roundup Slack

We did hit the Livingston Roundup Slack – which I came to learn is a pre-event where Cowboys do certain events to achieve a time so that they can move on to another rodeo. The 4th of July weekend is apparently the biggest rodeo weekend in Montana. 

We were able watch the steer wrangling and the team roping. It was awesome. Everyone had a blast and received an education. ☺️


One comment

  1. Reading the Smithie Adventures has been a wonderful experience for me so far!! Everyone’s contribution has been fun to read and your pictures are glorious! I remember wanting to just absorb the open space, mountains and the waterfalls into my body and soul to retrieve when life could get a little overwhelming.
    You’re so ORGANIZED!! I have to laugh because Barry and I are anything but…!! We have a framework for our trip to Ireland and that’s it! It’s the gypsy in me and Barry’s “come what may” attitude that will carry us through 🙂 I know, like yours, that the trip will be “BRILLIANT!!!”



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