Elk, Bison and Bear…oh my

Here is an inventory of animals we saw during our three days exploring Yellowstone National Park (pictures will be uploaded once the camera photos are uploaded):

Those two black specks are two black bears


4 black bear – no Grizzlies though – 2 of these bears were romping around in the grassy near the Petrified Tree. They seemed a bit on the smaller size so we kept our eyes peeled for mama. One of the Bears decided to put on a show and climb a tree. The third bear had stopped traffic as it played in the forest near the road. And the fourth black bear was galloping down a grassy hill in Hayden Valley.



50+bison – bison are plentiful. Sometimes you will see a single bull just grazing in the grass. Other times, you will see a herd – usually several females with their calves or young bulls.

50+ elk – elk are everywhere. Feeding in the grassy fields, sipping water along a river or sunning themselves in the grass or along the banks. The males are magnificent with their large antlers, standing guard.



1 6′ bull snake – We saw this snake – yellowish/brown in color – along the bank near the Boiling River. Though not a rattle snake, it does have the ability to vibrate and make a rattle sound as one of its defenses. Needless to say, we didn’t know it wasn’t a rattle snake u til we looked it up after the hike.

10 pronghorn antelope – these guys are everywhere too. We’ve seen them all over our entire trip.

2 baby Eagles in a nest on top of a rock formation at Lower Falls

A swan family


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