Remnants of Winter @ Logan’s Pass

It’s taken us a couple days to update the blog with our last Glacier hike because our drive through the mountains often leaves us with absolutely no service – cell or wifi. Strange but refreshing to be out and about without much “contact” with everyone. 

On Tuesday afternoon (6/28), we did an afternoon hike through several feet of snow to Hidden Lake. Even though the hike to the lake was only 1.5 miles, it was quite exhausting. The snow added an element of resistance you just don’t get in Florida – and we do occasionally run on the beach.

Hiking Logan’s Pass

We had a hairpin turn around a cliff that opened up to an evergreen forest and eventually Hidden Lake, which is only accessible from this path. 

The evergreen forest at the top of Logans Pass

Three mountains bleed into the lake on all other sides, making the view spectacular! 

Hidden Lake Overlook – you can hike down the mountain to the lake but its another 1.5 miles into bear country

Hidden Lake was even more fascinating as it was still greatly covered in ice – at the end of June. ~Gina
Hay I’m Lily,and today was the funnest hike ever in snow, deep snow. So at first it was tireing and not much fun. But when I kept falling and laughing I was in the fun. And that is where it all began. So we were hiking higher and higher. And when we got to the hidden lake. We saw little waterfalls and a mountain goat which my sister named fluffy, I think. 

Fluffy the Mountain Goat

And on are way back I got my shoe stuck, there was a slide made out of snow, and my brother was the first to go down, my sister was the second, I was third, my mom was fourth, and my dad was last. 


Then we hiked to the trail because we were off.And then there was a part that you could run down so I held my dad’s hand and we ran down, we slipped a couple of times. And now we’re on the road to our TP.😜☺️☺️😍😀😉😘🤗😃. So  much fun. 



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