Waterfalls – How We Love Thee

Dan, one of the workers at Glacier Under Canvas, said we had to do the St. Mary and Virginia Falls hike. He didn’t give much away other than it wasn’t too difficult a hike. 

Shane and I at the trailhead for the hike

The hike starts off the Going to the Sun Road near the area that burned in a forest fire in 2003. We walked amongst tree trunks blackened with soot – some of which Jonah rubbed under his eyes, giving him a warrior look. 

Switchbacks twisted and turned us down for about a mile until we hit St. Mary’s Fall. 

St Marys Falls

A forceful gush of water spitting out between two rocks into a gully of blue water.

The blue pool from St Marys Falls

 It was quite spectacular! 

Plus, the cool water sprayed on those standing on the bridge, cooling us down enough to carry on the last .6 miles to our final destination.

Lily and I at St Marys Falls

The trek to Virginia Falls dragged us up and up. We could hear the rush of the falls and felt the drop in temperature as we neared. But we could not have even imagined what we were about to encounter.

Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls is the kind of waterfall you see on travel shows and in photography books. We hiked right up to it. We practically stood right underneath it – a 50 foot waterfall. 

We were shrouded in a cool mist, which was greatly appreciated after the steamy hike in. The fall rushes down several layers of rock into cool streams of water where we soaked up the sun and dipped our feet into the cool water. 

If you hit Glacier, this is a MUST!


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