Oh Glacier!

We reached Glacier National Park! 

Oh what a place! But be bear aware! 😳 They do scare the crap out of you about the Bears! (As a tip, they do recommend bear spray if you plan to hike. We found a place in Apagar Village that lets you rent the spray. If you’re planning to hike a few days, renting the spray is worth it as it runs upwards of $50 to buy it.)

The first thing the rangers give you when you enter the park. Then you get a map!

We had big plans for the next couple days so we did a simple drive to Lake McDonald and the lodge. 

The back of Lake McDonald Lodge

The lodge was exactly what I’d hoped it’d be. Old. Wooden. Authentic – with all sorts of animal heads plastered to the walls. 

Inside Lake McDonald Lodge – note the animal heads!

The back doors opened to a patio with stairs right down to Lake McDonald with mountains cascading in the background. 

The kids splashed around at the edge of the lake while Shane and I enjoyed the serenity of the location.


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