A “Stroll”to Avalanche Lake

We went hiking at Avalanche Lake. It was awesome! It was a 2mile hike to the lake and back. I enjoyed it, though I’m lucky I survived it, I was so tired from walking up hills. Though it was a very pretty sight.

Hiking Avalanche Lake trail

                                       . . .

You know how people have those stick type things they use to hike, well I found a branch from a tree and used it the same way (it was a creative way). It was so helpful, it was hard to say goodbye to.

                                       . . .

When we got to the lake me and Jonah went in the water, but only out feet we had clothes on. We jumped around on rocks and played around with the water. 

Jonah and Julia in Avalanche Lake

Jonah taught me how to skip rocks and on my first try the rock skipped five times (that has to be a record for the first time). Anyway I enjoyed it.


Avalanche lake was the best hike I have done . We hiked to a big lake. On our way there there were lots of trees , then low bushes .🌳🌳🌳 when we got there me and Julia skipped rocks. On the way back me and lily did parkour. All I have to tell you is the hike was good!          

Our first hike in Glacier National was to Avalanche Lake. A 2.4 mile hike (one way) along a gorgeous river with multiple gorges and through a mountainside forest. The hike, at times, was rigorous. Uphill and at steep elevation-only to be brought back down. 

One of the gorges

When we reached Avalanche Lake, we were blown away. A huge lake surrounded by mountains with three waterfalls feeding the lake. 

The Smithies at Avalanche Lake

I sat on a log and watched as the kids frolicked in the crisp lake water. 

Lily and I siting on a log at Avalanche Lake

What a joy it is to share such an amazing experience with our children. A place where kids can be kids – running around exploring, laughing and playing without all the gadgets and distractions that are now present in life. For these few moments, we are back in the Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn days of skipping stones across the water. ~Gina


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