Whitewater Rafting the Snake River

​​​Hay,it’s Lily and I’m going to tell you about white water rafting.

Wetsuits on and ready to take on the rapids!

We rented wet suits for it. Then a bus picked us up and drove us to the snake river.

And when we were talking about the rules I got a jacket!😍 The water was 50 degrees.

When we got on the water we talked more about the rules and how to get back in the boat.

My leader was a guy named Ben. He was funny! The first time we hit a little wavy part, our boat almost flipped! After that we did a little boat surfing. A lot of water splashed us, it was fun!

I got out of the boat and held on to the rope and floated along with it.😬

We hit a little more rapids. My favorite rapid was the one that the photographers took pictures of us on the biggest and funnest rapid ever. After we passed another rapid we were finished🙁and we got of the boat and ran to the changing room and changed. We got on to the bus and rode it back to the renting place. And then rode our car home!


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