Bloomington Lake


Bloomington Lake Trail Head

We went on a hike. To Bloomington lake, an amazing , cold , crystal clear blue lake. We hiked over streams and rocks , tall grasses and more itchy stuff.

The snowcapped mountains surround Bloomington and my family

We got to the lake and a bunch of people were screaming and yelling. We got closer and saw people swinging over the water and falling in to the water. I wanted to try but I was too small.

So we passed the large group of people And hiked on. About 10 minites later we were pretty far from the people. We could still hear and see them. My dad found a spot he could jump off , so he jumped off.

Walking over the rocks to where my dad jumped into Bloomington Lake

Later the people got as loud as ever then silent. Then we heard “we are done.”I was the only one of my family to see what happen. But what happens is to hash to tell.

My sisters and I

This is where the cold part came I jumped in and it was unacceptably cold. About 54 degrees. That’s when we were heading back and nothing else mattered. BYE!!!!!!  -Jonah



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