Shane Plunges Into Bloomington Lake

At breakfast we asked for a good place to do a little hike at the crepe place. The guy recommended Bloomington, Idaho. So we hiked to Bloomington Lake and Shane did a cliff jump into the water.

I (Shane) was starting to wonder whether the local guy had sent this family of tourist on a wild goose chase to the middle of nowhere as a joke or whether we had received an inside tip to an amazing hike.  The paved road quickly turned to gravel, then dirt and narrowed as we drove 15 minutes, then 30 minutes deeper into the woods without sign of any other cars.  I almost suggested we get out and just wade in the river that wound along the road as I wasn’t sure how far into the woods I should take the family.

It turns out it was the latter, a great tip and we pulled into a parking lot at the trailhead and found we were not alone which was reassuring for our novice hiking selves.  The hike to Bloomington Lake was an incredible start to a trip where we are hoping to do a lot of hiking.  It was a family friendly hike past a small pond to a larger lake that still had wall of snow melting into it.  It was the western mountain forest setting that I was craving and the whole family was excited that we were experiencing it on just day 2 of our trip.

As we were walking the trail that circled the lake, we noticed some guys cliff jumping across the way and thought we would scope it out.  Here is what resulted.  By the way…I am not naked…or am I?



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