Big Bear Lake, Utah

Stretching out our legs along the river.

Hi, I am Lily and I am in Utah. But let me talk about how I got here. I drove all the way from Parrish to Orlando and stayed in a hotel. Then a bus took us to the airport. We first went to eat breakfast, and are first plane to Arizona was four hours. We learned how to play Sushi Go!

Dinner at Jake’s Place – famous for raspberry shakes.
Hello I’m Julia. This summer I’m spending two weeks out West. I will be visiting Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and maybe Canada! The first place I stayed was in a KOA in Utah. I went swimming and jumping on this big platform. So far, I am enjoying my trip although its hard to keep it together when your brother and sister are around. Anyway I am really loving my trip!


Breakfast at Crepes and Coffee – both of which were desperately needed.
Hi I’m Jonah. I’m in Utah. I’m going to swim in Big Bear Lake. It used to be called Black Bear Lake.

I have had a long haul to Utah. I drove to Orlando, flew to Arizona then to Utah. The plane ride was long and tiring. Last night I swam and jumped in the play area. We played games and raced in the pool. Some of the games were fun, some not. Later we will go hiking. We also will go to Yellowstone , Grand Tetons, and Glacier National. We will have a lot of FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

Big Bear Lake Beach
First day of travel went well. I was excited that the drive out of Salt Lake City to Big Bear Lake on the border of Utah and Idaho was an incredible mountain drive that I did not expect to see until we were further North. Chalk it up to my lack of knowledge about the geography of this part of the United States…but that’s part of the reason we travel, right? ~Dad (Shane)

Big Bear Lake – Garden City, Utah
Well, as travel goes, we do it well—even when we have some bumps in the road. Like a hotel we booked mysteriously got cancel, American Airlines not assigning seats on the flights until we got to the airport unless we wanted to pay $64 per person to get early seats or the rental car company may be out of cars. But we rolled with it—albeit I might have been a little grumpy, but that had more to do with lack of sleep than anything.

Once we got to Salt Lake City, it was the scenery that blew me away. Mountains—jagged much like we saw in Scotland and on the other side rounded much like we saw in Ireland. Just beautiful.

Our first stop is Big Bear Lake and we’re staying in a cabin at the Bear Lake KOA. A true adventure for the kids with all of the other children scurrying around on the pillow trampoline, the pool and the miniature golf (or as my Ohio roots make me say—putt putt). More adventures to come.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful (??) start! A rough start most likely means a terrific finish. (Now, you know what I’ve said to myself all of my life 🙂 I am awe – struck by the beauty of the West.
    Love to all of you!


  2. Can’t wait to hear all of the hiccups and awesome memories you all make! Together no matter what life throws at you…I know for sure you will have a blast! Enjoy ❤️


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